Nearly 7 years ago!… what a weekend it was!.. all ages… 10 Women on a trip to celebrate my 50th year., a break from my marathon training after the Cardiff Half… I remember finishing it thinking “I will have to run all of that again!!!” So off we went….

Two ladies in their sixties, two in their fifties, four in their forties and two in their thirties!! Very carefully organised by Miss D… sixties outfits, glamorous outfits and the infamous pink T Shirts printed especially!! Lots of pizza, cider, wine & bacon sandwiches!!

I thought we were going to be arrested when we arrived at the airport and squashed too many people into the minivan! Then Mrs B, Mrs A & Miss CC risked the sea in November!!! … the fab meal cooked by the almost naked chef & another spot of bother when we tied our ankles together to do the shopping in the supermarket 3 legged!!! It was against health & safety!!! Isabel did try to get them to get in the Birthday spirit as she spoke the language but no!!

The skinny dipping incident is a pic which could be sold for thousands…. safely stored away!!!…

And Seven years on two have married and one will marry this weekend…I have to say we have all embraced our age with energy…making the most of our lives…in fact taken risks to live life to the full and well done ladies…Let’s do it again for my 60th!!!

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