It was great to chat with 7 old school friends tonight, well less of the old…I mean old as in we all went to school together at The High School for Girls, Denmark Rd and that was ….well we left 40 years ago after our upper sixth. But we are not old! They have been getting together quite a bit over the last few years but I have always been at school…so now that I am retired I have time to see them too!

We actually look pretty good!…It’s weird that we spent the time from age 13 to 18 together and then went off in different directions and are now still in contact. All walks of life, many different careers and living as far away as Newcastle to Portsmouth….amazing!

Tonight we talked about how the pandemic is affecting our lives. 4 of us became teachers but only one is still in situ, in fact she went into it later. H is struggling with the atmosphere in the pub…well outside the pub to be exact as you have to sit outside and finds it a bit more difficult to choose which kraft beer she wants without looking at the picture with the name on the pumps!! Schools are obviously different but L is not worried about going back to teach. She is in a small school and it feels very safe she says.

Another old pupil and friend called in just before the call and said how positive covid has been in many ways as she has a young family and although her husband does like to interfere in her parenting style that has worked extremely well for 5 years it is great to have him closer to home as it is cheaper re; travel costs and he is home quicker!!

On many of my networking meetings over the last few weeks everyone is talking about the positives of working from home and even how the lock down did become a positive experience in many ways. Less travel helps the planet, spending more time with your family helps the family unit and we wonder if we will ever be back to where we were before as a vaccine does not realistically look very promising in the near future! Will we end up with no pubs???? H will not be happy! We agreed that we all missed partying, and weddings will never be the same with 20 or 30 people although they will be cheaper!…Is that it…its all a ploy to stop us being so extravagant and spending too much money on trivial, wasteful things!…interesting times ahead!

Has your experience of the last 5 months been positive or negative?

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