I was just thinking as I was flicking through Elle magazine which I don’t normally buy because it is £4.40 but on holiday I buy a big batch of mags & to hell with the cost!… and I feel better because this is a 20th year eco friendly edition using waste paper which has even been deinked and used to generate power although they couldn’t find a good enough eco friendly front cover option….anyway…..

just flicking through and saw lots of lovely classy black dresses (Versace) and I thought … I think I will have a winter of wearing black because it looks classy and sophisticated and I turned the page and saw this amazing colourful coat… I salivated!!!… lol…


colour… bright colours … love it!!… and the article says… don’t just keep the bright colours for the summer… wear them through the Autumn & Winter too…. so that is today’s Fashion Tip Friday…,

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