So we did it!! Our first package holiday for over 20 years!..the last I think was to the Dominican Republic with Emily and our Bridal Maid! And Emily wasn’t well and threw up on Jen as we arrived at the airport to come home…she took travelling covered with sick quite well!! I don’t think that was in the job description for being a bridal maid!!

Anyway…after that we seemed to book houses and flights all separately and then bought Las Milagros in Costa de la Luz when the kids were small and have been going there for years.. but now that they are working we have ventured out!…We love cruising which I suppose is a package holiday by sea really except we usually book our own flights and hotels each end…so we decided to get an easy week away to do nothing but lie in the sun…and my criteria was to have my toes as close to the sea as possible when I was led on my sun lounger…I wanted to be near to and see the sea!! So we went on to the internet…it was made easier by putting in Adults only because we didn’t want screaming kids!…sorry parents of young kids but when we got there we said how relaxed it was…if you add kids into the mix everyone is more stressed…the kids play up which makes the parents stressed and then they all fall out and those around them have to watch it and be stressed out too!! Adults only is much more chilled…until maybe adults drink all day and then become noisier than they would be normally and get on other peoples nerves!!! Or maybe just ours!!…actually that only happened twice!..

So we found a week in Paphos in an all inclusive hotel right on the beach and we have to say it was all much better than we thought it would be. Jet2 were fantastic from the minute we arrived at Birmingham airport…straight to drop the bags off with hardly any wait…fab, chatty guy took our bags and let me put my hand luggage case through too if I got it down to under 10k and off we went to the Priority Lounge!…some things BTK will not change!!…and did I say we have to have fast track even though it is hardly worth it at Birmingham or Bristol!! 

We boarded and the cabin crew were friendly, funny, helpful and the flight was a delight considering it was over 4 hours. Loads of Jet2 staff greeted us at Paphos airport and our private transfer arrived within minutes of us being greeted…brilliant!

The hotel was bright…in fact every light in the hotel was on when we arrived at 9.45 p.m. but we were rushed to eat before the buffet closed and it wasn’t long before we were in our very spacious room with balcony, massive bed, bathroom with bath and shower and fab view of the sea by day or night! Its amazing how you get into a routine isn’t it…where the drinks are, ice cream is, favourite table is so that you don’t have to speak to anyone…that’s me!…favourite sun lounger spot, best time to get drinks, what time the gym opens (I went down on the first morning at 7.30 and it didn’t open till 8.30!) running in 30 degrees is no fun!…The live entertainment was interesting…some really couldn’t sing! And when we went to bars outside of the hotel they were the same…one duo honestly looked like someone’s granny and grandad had just walked in and picked up a guitar and microphone!!…it was funny but hard on the ears!! put BTK off his much wanted cider!

The staff at the Leonardo Cypria Maris were all lovely especially Helen on reception, the lovely oldish guy in the gym that gave us our towels every day, the man that owned the shop where we could get the Daily Mail every day and Inka and the team of ladies that did our rooms every day…with wonderful animal towel art!!!

The food was great…masses of choice although they didn’t always give a lot of meat unless you were pushy! But the selection available was enormous at each meal..a small thing…I do like my organic muesli!! Adding cornflakes to oats doesn’t really measure up but there was lots of fruit and low fat natural yoghurt with dried fruits too…The night we opted for the restaurant Greek meal in the hotel blew us away…so much food!! Enough for 4 people not 2!…a meze…

Would we go back…YES…with Jet2…yes..they collected our cases from the hotel on the last day, organised a private transfer which came early, the hotel offered a courtesy room to shower as we left at 6.45 p.m. and Jet2 at Paphos airport were once again excellent…We are converts!!

JDK Review rating 9/10

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