Platinum…a rare metal associated with wealth, value and exclusivity….Worth a read!

The title caught my eye as I love silver, white gold and platinum and then I saw Julie Walters on the cover and thought…mmmm this is a magazine about/for older women!!..and that must be me!!!…But I flicked through the pages and liked it so it went in the basket! Along with about 6 others…I need them on the sun lounger….

On the plane I had another flick, loving the Style is Eternal pages….love love love

And contemplated buying the daily dozen in the Spanish supermarket when we arrived…a healthy holiday would not go amiss!

Now that I have read it from cover to cover on my sun lounger I can honestly say that I enjoyed it…Loved the fashion pages…would buy most of it…in fact I ordered  a dress from Next and even thought I could try the mustard as it was with navy blue!

Julie Walters is always entertaining and did not disappoint especially as I have just started a new instagram page on being fifty, fun and fantastic…I loved her views on colours she should wear or not at her age and women in comedy…

Dr Dawn is a local to us in Gloucestershire and although I feel like I am hearing about dementia all the time at the mo…I had a tear reading the article about the lovely Wendy Mitchell…how brave is she?….

The travel pages certainly made me talk to BTK about Vietnam and although I am not a cook…I mean I never cook!…the sweet potato burrito bowl looked doable and tasty!!

But my favourite pages were written by Jane Moore, having been with BTK for the last 32 years….Loved all the trainers and following a styler session at John Lewis have just got into trainers with dresses, jeans and jumpsuits!…go me at 57/8….but my favourite phrase of the whole magazine was from Jane who says in her article about nothing being wrong with wrinkles….

“Growing old is not a curse-it’s a privilege that not everyone enjoys”

That nearly brought a tear to my eye too….It must be my age!!

So where is that Subscription leaflet….

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