I’m not going to beat around the bush today but it hasn’t been a good day. It’s over 4 weeks now isn’t it and as much as I try to stay upbeat I am just not feeling it today…Chasing girls by seeing them at 3 roll calls a day is great… we can have a conversation about why they were not in a lesson..maybe have a laugh about where they were..in the medical centre again! Sorting out a friend crying on the loo…but emailing a girl to ask her where she was and not getting a reply is tiresome and clinical…but I know it has to be done…

I attended a webinar on LinkedIn for an hour..it is tricky! Not straightforward, clunky and complicated ..it has so many areas to get to grips with but I have to say the CV guru Emma Alkirwi is brilliant. She is the sister of a friend and is knowledgable, clear and patient which she needed to be with me! I have changed a few things and there is more to do but I will work on it.

Https://they guru.co.uk

Then I had a chat meeting with a year group which didnt go so well! They were lively to say the least and it was hard to get a conversation going without silliness so I left them to it and blubbed!….then went into Housemasters for another virtual meeting. That worked well although not everyone’s  sound is good,,,I think I need new speakers too as I don’t really like headphones…I feel like someone could come up behind me and I wouldn’t hear them!…so then still feeling on the edge Bern and I went for a walk to Georgias House and talked to her over her fence. That was good and bad really because it is painful to chat to them, see them but not be able to hug them…Amalia just smiles most of the time and is now rolling over and trying to crawl although face plants the floors a lot!!…I am desperate to hug them…walking back a large Laguna helped a bit! But I think now it’s an early night, lots of chocolate and give up on this day altogether.

If the girls were here I know they would cheer me up…especially the upper sixth…and just walking around and chatting with them takes your mind of everything because they need you and it takes over…

Yep…This day is done…roll on Friday!

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