After the excitement of hitting the £1000 its all about roll calling these girls virtually this morning…Send me an emoji I said so that I know you are online and ready to go…I had a lot of dancing penguins, a few sunshine’s and some hearts …nice..

The kids like the online learning because they can chill out at home, wear what they like, eat and drink what they like while doing the lessons and its mornings only….all they miss is their friends and thankfully the boarding house. Most are dying to come back to see each other…and most teenagers don’t want their parents asking what they are doing all the time..they want to be independent and boarding school does allow them to do that…not that it is for everyone but most love it!

I am going to organise some career virtual sessions with Business people, medics, engineers etc It is a good way of finding our about different careers in a controlled environment…watch out I might be calling on some of you…I might have picked up some at a ladies in leadership lunch I had booked on to today…but NO…I was a week early!! I wondered why I hadn’t had the link for Zoom!! And couldn’t get on…..

But I did do an hours networking online with different charities today. It is very sad as some are very worried about the loss of revenue, especially if they have a lot of shops which are closed or provide a service that is essential to vulnerable or sick people….where will it all end? We will just keep doing what we do at Pied Piper, fundraising where we can and then just spend it where we can. At Cheltenham Open Door the team are delivering food parcels to the vulnerable across town and to 47 people staying in the Regency Hotel…fantastic. Goals beyond Grass have quizzes on the go and are having a virtual race night…Bern will love that!

So my CV is done! It looks fab thanks to Richard Arthur at Hooray Recruitment…maybe in May/June I will put myself out there…I would really like to be a brand Ambassador for a company…something I can buy into and be passionate about…it is exciting to be entering a new chapter…

It has been a busy day! And I then risked Asda…I have never been scared of going into a shop before..haha…but it makes me anxious. I am gloved up and masked up and feel like I am going into battle! But it wasn’t too bad…I did well and avoided the clothing and stuck almost to the list…the only thing they had sold out of was tomato ketchup!!! Ridiculous!!

Anyway, then I return to the find my new book has arrived! Michael Hepplewhite  “How to be Brilliant” I cant wait to start it!…I am hoping that once I have finished it…I Will Be Brilliant!!!! Haha haha I will let you all know!

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