All the sixes…Gym 66

I know that some people think that I am mad to go to the gym at 6 am but there isn’t really any other time when we are in full flow in term time!.....and its good for me!! Giving up alcohol was my first step in looking after myself...trying to look after my body! And...

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Review of Jet 2!….Impressed!

So we did it!! Our first package holiday for over 20 years!..the last I think was to the Dominican Republic with Emily and our Bridal Maid! And Emily wasn’t well and threw up on Jen as we arrived at the airport to come home...she took travelling covered with sick...

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Found a Gem!

Went to try a new coffee shop in Cheltenham with Gee Mae and fell across a little gem!...popped into O’Haras and then walked through to look at the Tea Rooms in Well Place and came across MALONE’S VINTAGE..... Dresses!!!! So we ventured in and were welcomed by Dave...

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But no crisps!!!

Now... I was never a foodie...As long as I had a lovely glass of white wine in my hand I didnt really ever care what I was eating but now of course I taste things!! And enjoy looking at a menu although I tend to stick to fish...vegetables...even the veggie option...

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