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Most Outstanding Woman in the Charitable Sector in the West

Gloucester Ambassador of the Year 2017

Vice Chairman of the Pied Piper Appeal

Chairman of the Promotional Board at Pied Piper Appeal

Vice Chairman of the Sports Action Group of the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire

Housemistress at Dean Close School

President of the Francis Bacon Society

Charity Coordinator at Dean Close School

Singer/Sax Player

Named in the 'Top 100 Women in The West 2018'

Named in the 'Top 50 Greatest Women in Gloucestershire 2018'

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Mummy…Can I please come home

Mummy please can I come home?.... Here we are …the first week back at school and my 18th year as a Boarding Housemistress…When I tell people that I live with and look after 60 teenage girls from the age of 13 to 18 they shudder or look at me in horror!! But I actually...

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Review of Jet 2!….Impressed!

So we did it!! Our first package holiday for over 20 years!..the last I think was to the Dominican Republic with Emily and our Bridal Maid! And Emily wasn’t well and threw up on Jen as we arrived at the airport to come home...she took travelling covered with sick...

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Crystals in your Bra?….Really?

I think I have now heard it all!!....Wealthy and what we would perceive to be successful and confident women are hoarding lumps of trendy crystal/rocks in their cupboards and even in their underwear to give them peace, confidence, calmness, unconditional love! ...and...

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Fashion Tip Friday 17.8.18

I was just thinking as I was flicking through Elle magazine which I don’t normally buy because it is £4.40 but on holiday I buy a big batch of mags & to hell with the cost!... and I feel better because this is a 20th year eco friendly edition using waste paper...

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Throwback Thursday to 2011

Nearly 7 years ago!... what a weekend it was!.. all ages... 10 Women on a trip to celebrate my 50th year., a break from my marathon training after the Cardiff Half... I remember finishing it thinking “I will have to run all of that again!!!” So off we went.... Two...

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