I have some friends that are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today…40 years…that is a long time and then I thought…we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year in a few weeks in fact…we have done well!! Especially as the figures for the amount of divorces in England and Wales is 42% that is quite scary isn’t it…almost half of marriages today end in divorce…

So what is the secret of a marriage till death us do part!…Not that I am an expert, as some of you may not know that I was married before Bern for one year to a guy I met at Music College. In those days…35 years ago it wasn’t really the thing to live together without being married…it was ok if you were away from home but in the town of your parents it was uncomfortable for them…anyway…lets get back to the hot tips to a successful marriage…Obviously I have done a little research and have got a top 3 for you..

1. Don’t try to change your partner! If they have little imperfections before you get married they will become even bigger as you live together longer and have to cope with the stresses life throws at you and we all have some of those! Don’t think you will be able to change them because you will not!

2.  According to a divorce lawyer money is the most common cause of divorce. Some couples have diverse ideas about how to cope with financial issues and can get married without discussing how they would like their finances to be handled between themselves presently and in the future and when the future comes…it can be catastrophic! Its a good job I leave it to Bern…best plan ever!! We would probably be bankrupt if it was left to me!!

3. It is hard work!!! Yep….living with anyone is tricky…do you remember living with the people you thought were your best friends at university and then they got on your nerves!! Yep, well marriage is a bit worse than that because it is for a lifetime and that could be 3b. If you are determined to see it through to the end then it will be tough and hard work. It might even involve counselling/marriage guidance?? here are some tips from those that have been married for over 50 years…

Give and Take…..never go to bed on an argument….Look after each other….don’t let things fester….and be determined to make it work without giving up too easily!

Hope that helps guys…I’m off to pick some pearls for my 30th anniversary…I’m sure we can get pink ones!!!


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