I must explain about the featured image photo!!! There were guards outside the Rosenborg Castle where the Crown Jewels are kept…they sort of march up and down and I thought it would be good to get a selfie with one so rushed towards him in my normal bustley way and he stomped his foot and drew his gun/sword ast me!!! I nearly jumped out of my skin!!! And yelped like a puppy!!!…So this distance seemed fine with him!!!…I could have been beheaded!!!

So I am off for 8 weeks and people will be thinking…she needs a rest!!

But do I?..Isn’t a change of scenery enough? Change of routine?…just a few days rest away from the day to day?

People say to me…..

“I get tired just following you on `Facebook!!”

“How do you fit everything in?”

“Who cleans your house? Lesley that was you!”


But my life doesn’t really have a routine apart from roll calls and lesson times…every day something different happens! A Girl decides she isn’t happy and doesn’t know why! Someone falls out with someone and it causes a group to gather together and put 2 and 2 together to make 10!! That takes a lot of sorting out!! Concerts are chucked in, plays….house events…on top of networking events to promote Pied Piper, Dean Close and myself…trying to catch up with friends, relatives…have meetings about events for sixth form, PP, Honourable Company…no two days are the same…so holidays are something I find tricky!!!

The best bit about holidays are lying in the sun…no doubt…I love the sun…but I am always wondering what is going on at home!! What I am missing!!…what will they decide without me…Lol…and I want to know what people are up to…yesterday I realised that in the middle of the Baltic Sea I was not going to get any signal…..no shaking was involved  and it was OK overnight but a whole day would have done me in…It doesn’t help me to relax …it makes me more stressed!!…so I had to get a package!!…

I suppose more sleep is a benefit of holidays…I like sleeping …I just don’t do very much of it!!…The motion on a boat really helps me to sleep too…I didn’t even feel the docking this morning!! …but after a couple of days of 8 hours sleep…I am recharged!!

Now I feel better!!! Have had a couple of chats today about the  Pied Piper Shop…checking all is good!!…thinking of ways to promote it…written a report for the Hon Co meeting that I will miss and have made a list about the next Promo Board Meeting as well as think of some challenges for the Lower Sixth Induction……They do say if you want something done…ask a busy person!!…I find if I slow down I don’t achieve anything!!

Yep…I am enjoying the rest…but thankfully have got my iPad Pro, iPad mini to read a new book about social media…thanks for the recommendation Matt Redman and my trusty phone to check on whatever everyone else is up to!!! I know I am not 15…56 actually but I do need it all to survive!!!!!!!!! Lol…..might go into the Persian Gardens! (Steam room and beds of hot stones to lie on!) then decide on what to wear for Dinner…stressful when I don’t have my usual 170 dresses to choose from!! Lol…and which mock tail shall I drink?…it is tough!!…Oh and a session in the gym!!…..

Can anyone sympathise????


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