This term I have been talking about an inspirational person each week in my House Assembly. Now…. it is on at 8,30am on a Tuesday morning so my girls are probably not always on it! They are probably thinking about the prep they haven’t done or they should have got up earlier to get their breakfast in before lesson 1! But I just go for it.

I have had a few crackers…Terry Waite, Maya Angelou, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama and today Marie Curie. When I look through the list of Inspirational women I am looking for a story that will really have an affect on the girls. Quite often these people have done something really phenomenal, against all the odds, something massively tough or challenging. I like the people to appear to be normal, an everyday person but something had driven them to do something that they probably didn’t think was possible too!

Terry Waite was about week 3 of lockdown I think and people were getting a bit fed up…well 21 days compared with 1,763 days brought it home to them….and I hoped that it would put the whole thing into perspective…at least they could sort of identify but without being chained to a radiator or beaten while being locked up!

Malala was about their age when she was shot on a bus on her way home from school. I wanted the girls to imagine being on a bus and some asking who Malala was…I said that you would all automatically look round at her…and that would be it…the fact that she went to oxford to study…take a path that they are hoping to take but without the drive to rally for girls to have education all over the world. And then today…

Marie Curie….an amazing woman who was passionate about the sciences and wanted to make a difference to the treatment of cancer. A great role model for the girls, as she worked obsessively, never gave up, and her name is still connected to cancer treatment and caring for people a hundred years on. When looking up Inspirational women some pop stars came up…Pink, Beyoncé?? To be honest I had not realised how much Michelle Obama had been involved in work in the communities with army veterans, raised the profile of girls being educated and encouraging volunteering at Universities until I read up on her but to me an inspirational person needs to have done something rare and outstanding. I tell the girls to be vocal if they believe in something or they feel something is not right. To use their gifts to make a difference and be inspired by the people I highlight each week.

I have two weeks left…please suggest someone who inspires you….

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