As I was trawling through my white and black T Shirts this morning to decide which one to wear with my jeans I came across a few with messages on….Wildness….ROCK…Never off duty…one of my favourites! Blah Blah Blah! but settled for

Don’t Stop until you are PROUD #life

Two things struck me…Why do I want to draw attention to my Chest!!! Because that is the only place they can read my message , by staring at my chest and What makes me proud today?!

Two very interesting questions! As an extrovert I suppose yes I do want people to stare at my chest, in fact any part of me (clothed) I suppose, otherwise I wouldn’t wear a slogan on my chest or put it all over social media! So at this point it is always good to look up the opinion of a psychologist I feel! Just to check on how big my ego actually is!! I go for one that specialises in fashion Carolyn Mair, She says there are three motives for wanting to wear a slogan T shirt.

You want to make an explicit statement, political or otherwise…

You want to follow fashion trends….

You want to draw attention to yourself through your clothing!

I suppose my reasoning was all three this morning. I definitely feel that we shouldnt stop until we are proud and am not afraid to say what I think across my chest…how political would I go though? I often go to retweet a political view and then change my mind…politics is a funny one like religion isnt it? It is the sort of thing you can fall out over, even with very good friends! and I suppose I wanted to draw attention to myself through the T shirt and hopefully be inspiring or give people something to think about!

The second big question is what makes me Proud?…well that is a tricky one but a lot of inspiring people/speakers often say that you should end the day thinking through what you have done in a day that you feel proud of or have made you feel good or positive. All of that is good for your well being and self esteem…Women especially, apparently, are good at nurturing and encouraging others to feel good about themselves and encourage others to think about what they should be proud of but when it comes to themselves struggle to look at their achievements and self worth.

Shall we all do a High Five this week about what we can feel proud of each night! It really doesn’t have to be BIG things! I am counting number 1 as actually getting AdBlue into my car today as I have had the countdown from about 800 miles and today we got to 20 miles to go and if I didn’t put it in it told me the car wouldn’t start!…I am feeling proud!

Lets see…

  1. getting the AdBlue into my car
  2. Not rushing to get up this morning but lying in bed to chat to my two sisters until 11 a.m.
  3. getting my diary sorted and offering to cover for the staff at Chelt Open Door to have some holiday
  4. taking Gee to Aldi even though I prefer Lidl!
  5. sorting through my jewellery and putting lots in a bag to go to our charity shop for Pied Piper.

Yes…I am feeling proud and why not?..I wont feel so proud when I eat the whole bar of dark chocolate in the bath later!!!

Be Proud Guys and Gals…..

J x

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