Well…I have always said that they wont be coming with us when we do eventually move into the park but maybe it has all come a bit sooner than I thought!!…the nest is empty! Those of you that know me will appreciate me saying…I am glad that we have made them independent and want to fend for themselves…what am I saying??….having delivered a big bag of Food to Ollie last night and dropped milk, teabags and toilet rolls to Gee late last night…ooh and Bern dropped an HDMI cable even later so that she could watch TV!!!…yes we are rubbish!!…we haven’t made them independent at all!!! but it is what you do as a parent!! Don’t you?

Am I missing her?..to be honest I am so busy I usually catch up with her at the Green Coffee Machine Or at her Salon to get my nails done!!…she was in her room most of the time so hopefully we will have more dates…coffee, lunch..shopping…Not food shopping I hope!! But I will tell you who is missing her most!!! BTK!!…he is struggling and she popped back today cuz she thought he was missing her!!..after one day!!!

If they had gone to Uni they would have both gone at 18 and Ollie waited till he was 20 and Gee is 18 so it’s normal!! …and will hopefully teach them to manage money??…not very well so far OJK!! But getting there!! Go for it Gee…you take control of those finances!! I know some parents feel a sort of bereavement when their offspring leave but I haven’t really ever overly spoilt them with my attention!! Which probably sounds terrible but I do have 60 others to give attention to!!! …and I know it hasn’t always been easy especially for Gee but she has been a star….

Im going to have a double dressing room for my 170 dresses so don’t think about returning! You two!!…Independance is good!!…..but they know where we are when they need us…#feelingproud

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