It has started! We now have to wear face masks in all shops and it is causing quite a stir! I had to wear the mask through my whole hair appointment a few weeks again because the girl doing my hair was nervous about returning to work and she asked me if I minded wearing it and I didnt. It is hot and a little claustrophobic but who knows….It could be saving us or the person we are speaking to from getting the virus.

If you look up reasons to and reasons to not wear a face mask you will get research showing fors and against both so really I just think… lets wear one! But I do understand how some people are feeling very claustrophobic wearing one. If you have sinus problems or are deaf or suffer with anxiety normally I think all those things will add to your discomfort or if you are deaf your frustration at being unable to lip read and understand people must be awful…surely they should be let off…

My new mask! Https://

I am now trying to keep one in every bag as I know what I am like! I will get somewhere without one and then will not be able to enter…although I must say…when I walked to the garage just down the road to get some milk and bread two people came out without a mask on…and is a young person behind the counter really going to stop and ask someone to put one on? Or refuse to serve them? Or ask them to leave? I would have thought that would be very unlikely…

I actually spoke to a friend last night who said she would not be going out again shopping until she didnt have to wear one as she felt so uncomfortable and on Friday the Everyman theatre staff said that some people had come out for the first time since lockdown because they hoped it would make them feel safer but they wanted to sit right in the corner away from everyone else even with their mask on….

So I can see that I will need quite a few!…lots of people are making friend Vivien Burroughs is making them and they are double sided! Mine is leopard print on one side and cerise polka dot on the other side…lovely. Gees Beauty at 11, Regent Street, Cheltenham is selling them and Ā£1 goes to http://Pied piper Thanks Gee!

So how do you guys feel about wearing one? OK? Rather not? JUst wont go out?

Let me know!….Iā€™m starting the blogs up again…..

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