It does feel weird but this is our last night in Shelburne House at Dean Close School. We came at the end of term in 2001, dumped our stuff in Fawley House and then went on holiday! We came back and moved into Old Shelburne for one term and then moved into the New Shelburne a week before Christmas. Ollie and Georgia spent their childhoods here. They hardly crossed a road as they were taken across the playground to school , or across the field as they got older.

To live in the same place as you go to school can be overpowering I suppose, but I felt it was a fantastic environment to grow up in. Everything on tap, until they started playing hockey outside school as well as in school. I must ask them if they enjoyed it…

Glamping in the Forest of Dean

Have Bern and I enjoyed it?…well I certainly have. To be involved in th3e lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in term time is an honour, lots of fun, there is never a dull moment! And we have made many good friends over these years, teachers and parents of the girls I have looked after.

How much has it changed? Well, in the beginning we had fax machines for the parents to grant permission for their daughters to stay with a friend at the weekends. Unfortunately, as many of them lived in other countries it did ring loudly in the middle of the night and then a stream of shiny paper would emerge! Often quite illegible! Not all Mums had mobile phones or the hang of emailing 20 years ago…bliss! When they got the hang of it they wanted to know how their daughters were regularly and try and manage their daughters schedules from a distance….more stories for the book!

Creative Activities with visiting schools on Field day

So its time to move on! Back to our House in Hucclecote, Gloucester where we lived before I became a boarding Housemistress. Before that I was the Day Housemistress and spent a lot of time driving through the lanes! Back to the House Emily was born in 3 weeks after we moved in and where we had Christmas Fairs and fundraisers after she left us. I think it will really hit me in the next couple of days, once we are out and even though it wasn’t the finish we had planned it will be a good time to reflect, rest and think about what to do next!…exciting in fact!

What have I enjoyed about it? organising the Upper Sixth and Charity Balls, Glamping with the Whole House, thank you to my amazing team. Inviting the elderly and the various primary schools in on Field Days, The GCM trips on a Sunday, Clothes Show Trips in December and living in a supportive Community for such a long time….and lots more….

The plan is to go to Spain when the schools go back although that also does not sound too good if we have to isolate for 2 weeks when we get back!…Crazy times….Sad times…Exciting times….Thanks to everyone for supporting us and me….Off we go……

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