Not that we have had a choice really! As we had booked our flights months and months ago before the pandemic because I didnt really want to be around when the schools went back as it would be my first time of not going back after 30 years! But Hey nothing has really gone to my 2020 plan so this wasn’t any different!

2 weeks ago our flights were cancelled and we had to decide whether to try and get other flights but then we would have to quarantine for two weeks when we come back…..and that does not sound good. It was OK when everyone was in lock down and you couldn’t go anywhere because it was all closed but if we came back and everything was open and we had to stay in I don’t think I would like it! So a couple of nights in Bournemouth it is!. I am hoping for lots of rest, sleep, chilling and quiet!…

I can do quiet! …in fact when I go away I like to be quiet and to keep ourselves to ourselves. Similar to when I go to a spa…I like to be quiet…not talk to anyone and chill out. Ive got a couple of books on my iPad…Work like a woman by Mary Portas…and still have a couple of others on the go! And a few magazines! I just love magazines…so that is me sorted! A couple of nice walks along the promenade, I love looking at the sea, I hope to get a couple of ice creams in! Mint choc chip! And recharge and reflect! Lets be honest it isn’t the same as getting to the heat, lying on a sun lounger and feeling the warmth of the sun on you, getting a lovely tan, but its the best option at the mo!

So Bournemouth here we come! We have always loved Bournemouth, I used to have an old boyfriend studying there and used to go down a lot and I’ve played at the Royal Bath a few times with Top Catz. We have stayed there too but apparently it has gone downhill so we are at the Highcliff, which just makes me think of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party Conference. I remember the TV pics used to have her coming in and out! Well if it is good enough for Margaret Thatcher!! It’s good enough for us!

I have looked up the top things to do in Bournemouth! If we were taking Gee, Zac and Mali we could have done the peppa pig place! But I have booked us into the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and printed a map off. The Art Gallery has such a lovely story. Sir Merton gave the villa to Lady Annie Russell-Cotes and they filled it with items from their travels…lovely…so we are good to go. Booking restaurants has been difficult as they are very booked up. I think it is going to be very busy with oldies probably…oh yes that is us! Retired people!! Well, best retire when you can I say because you never know what is around the corner!…sad but true….

I looked up the top staycation destinations and got Cornwall…Devon…Lake District…London…so we should be ok as we don’t like traffic!! Hence a Wednesday not a weekend!

Pics will no doubt follow on my social media…Happy Wednesday Guys

J x

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