It arrived!!! Something I haven’t had for 6 weeks! Something that I like to have at least twice a day, extra hot…something I like to do with friends or enjoy on my own! It’s warm, wet and makes me feel good!…OK I am getting carried away….It’s my Nespresso coffee maker!! It is weird because I didn’t drink coffee before I gave up drinking…certainly not at the end of the night after a meal…I always had  another glass of wine while we were paying the get another one in! But when I gave up I got into cake and coffee. I have to be honest,`I started with the green coffee machine where the coffee is very smooth and then I found a friend that managed Starbucks and gave it a go! I wasn’t a fan of the Cheltenham Starbucks in the centre of Cheltenham. You cant park and I like a coffee shop where you can run in, enjoy a coffee and get back to school.

But I do now love the drive thru in Gloucester, which will be my new local coffee shop when we move to Hucclecote in Gloucester in the Summer and I love the Starbucks drive thru on Tewkesbury Rd in Cheltenham. What I like about this one is that it is open really late so I can go there in the evening for a coffee. It can get a bit boring sitting with people drinking and get merrier and merrier and you stay the same but grabbing a coffee in Starbucks is like going Out! Out!

I now like to find the Starbucks wherever we go in the world! and love ticking them off…how sad is that!! But we have been to them in Belgium, Stockholm, Berlin, Fort Lauderdale,, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Edinburgh,…to name a few!

And then there is the cake that goes with the coffee!! The cookies, Granola slice, Pain au raisin and the delicious luxury fruit bread. That is my Starbucks cakes but I am a massive flapjack fan. Again, I didn’t eat cake until I gave up Wine! We all know that wine is full of sugar and my body obviously needed to replace the sugar I was getting from wine with cake! Chocolate muffins, millionaire shortbread and jam doughnuts!! It doesn’t end! Heaven! I did do a tour of the coffee shops in Cheltenham last year and am really looking forward to starting in Gloucester. Actually I have been to a few in the quays and already think Caffe Corretto is my fave…lovely family, warm feel & I think the shopping there is brilliant…oooh lots to look forward to in my new life!….

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