One of the first quotes that came up on my social media this morning was this “Imagine what the world would be like if we all spent a few minutes every day thinking only kind thoughts” and I liked it and asked Sara if I could copy it? She said she had already copied it from someone else and I could but as I thought about it…it isn’t always easy to think kind thoughts about some people…

Someone might have really hurt you…it could be recently or years ago…someone who you thought was a close friend, someone you might have confided in and you hear they have been unkind about you or someone you know well unfairly. It is difficult to forgive them and confide in them again and even harder to think kind thoughts about them…you think the opposite and feel you are justified to do so. So many families have fall outs and hold grudges for years and years…how sad is that, but again if someone has hurt you it is so difficult to forgive and forget, although it does seem really sad when people can’t even forgive when a relative has died…I think we feel we are being weak if we forgive someone…we are worried they will think we are a push over and don’t want to be seen to be…..also it is against what we would do…we have standards and “rules” that we live by and expect others to do the same…so how do we forgive?

Firstly, maybe explain to that person how they have made you feel…lay it on them so they understand the pain you have felt. For you to let go of the pain and actually forgive the person you might even need to have counselling to help you sort it all in your head and LET GO of it. Letting it fester is never good and could make you bitter….let it Go…

Forgiving someone is actually rewarding in the end…you are letting go of a lot of anxiety and the release of it all should be good. Hopefully they are ready to apologise and you can start to rebuild your relationship now that you have had your say…as you might have missed what you had before.

This forgiveness path can be with friendships, family issues, partnerships, work colleagues it is everywhere and what we all want at the end of the day is harmony at work, at home and in our relationships…so…..

”Imagine what the world would be like if we all spent a few minutes every day thinking only kind thoughts”

Shall we try that tomorrow/today….


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