I felt really honoured today to visit the new Football Pitch at Hempsted for the Gloucester City Football Team. It looks amazing…top of the range artificial pitch with fantastic seating and stands for The fans that like to stand. It is raised higher to avoid flooding and when you see how low it was before you can see why it flooded years and years ago…it was a basin and became a lake! In a months time they should have their first game and we were told that the squad is an exciting team….The sneak preview was to look at the buildings that could be used for events and functions and hopefully partner Pied Piper with the Club. I must look up the team strip!!

So that was the first new addition to Gloucester life and what is really great is that you can see the Cathedral from the pitch too! I just love that when you are in the City you can almost see the top of the Cathedral from everywhere. It is such an amazingly beautiful, impressive piece of architecture. We used to have our end of year service there at Denmark Road, and in our last year we then went to Kings Square and got into the fountains!!…not so good!!

And the second new addition to Gloucester life that I saw today was the piece of equipment in the Paediatric Audiology department at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where the babies have their hearing tested. Babies are tested within the first couple of weeks by their health visitors and if they have two tests that are not right they are referred to the hospital where they are tested by some new equipment that Pied PIper bought for £23k and is the very latest, state of the art test available. Research says that about 1 in every 1000 babies might have a hearing defect but in premature babies the figure is higher and having this equipment in Gloucester prevents families having to travel to Bristol for the test. While we were there we saw another piece of equipment that Pied PIper supplied a couple of years ago which is used on children aged 6 plus.

It is great to see how our fundraising makes a difference to early detection of hearing problems and is then used to track the progress. Fantastic stuff.

Early evening I had my first dermaplaning treatment from my lovely daughter…yes I was a guinea pig but happy to be a guinea pig! Initially I was wary of her putting a knife to my face but honestly it was gentle and not painful in any way. In fact I fell asleep! I can throughly recommend it and look forward to seeing how my skin is over the next week…

Some of the Last Rolos!

I topped my evening with a catch up with some of the Last Rolos! They are still practising calling me Julie!! It does take a while!! We had a great time at Giannis, talking through their results, change of grades, university plans and a bit of gossip!! They are great girls and we all agreed that no matter how much we felt that we didn’t have a great finish we are glad we are not going back as things are!…

Loving retirement!…its busy!…with lots of different things…and exciting things to come!

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