Mummy please can I come home?….

Here we are …the first week back at school and my 18th year as a Boarding Housemistress…When I tell people that I live with and look after 60 teenage girls from the age of 13 to 18 they shudder or look at me in horror!! But I actually love it!…I can honestly say that every day I wake up and think …I wonder what will happen today!…Obviously there is never a dull moment…always a trauma of some sort and always lots to laugh and cry about!…..At 7.45 this morning I unblocked a very blocked loo armed with a coathanger!!! And then tried to help a girl get out of the dining room having had her skirt completely unzip from one edge to the other revealing her lovely underwear……but this week it is all about homesickness… even for the girls that have chosen to come to boarding school especially if they live in a lovely Cotswold town but all their friends live in another Cotswold town or sometimes their best friend lives the other side of the world! A few days of having to get up early, having to get the brain focused on algebra, poetry or science experiments and have to play hockey in the rain… makes them homesick… they are tired, emotional ….they need a Mum or Dad hug, to be waited on, a sofa with the dog and lots of chocolate!

How do we help….probably against all rules..we give them a hug, sit and let them cry, offer them hot chocolate, tell them everyone feels like this at the beginning of term, try to get the mums to give a bit of tough love!!…tricky one but one Mum bought in yesterday!…I have had girls that have cried every night for months…one that howled so loudly down the corridor that it sounded like a dog in pain! But her parents were in the Army in Germany so there was no way she was going home!…It is a tough one… but it really does get better! as many will admit and at the end of their time with me at Shelbz…we are all in tears for an entirely different reason!

To be Continued…The life of a Crazy Housemistress!

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