This Saturday should have been the Big reunion of all the girls I have Housemistressed, Pupils I have taught the sax, flute or clarinet to and the pupils I have been involved with as a Tutor, in The Francis Bacon Society, in fund raising or involved with the sixth form centre….but obviously that is not happening. So….

I have decided to start a facebook group for all those ex students, and their parents, and ex staff…a sort of Julie Kent Posse!

Why? Well it would be a good way of all of us staying in contact. A good way for pupils to find each other. A good way to celebrate things that happen in their lives such as births, deaths and marriages… A good way to organise a reunion/party to celebrate the last 30 years and capture everyone…and we will all be able to stay in touch. I think I have been a Housemistress to about 600 girls and taught maybe abut the same in 30 years, plus the sixth form dinners and charity events that we have organised over the years. I have masses of photos and will be putting a couple of pics on a week….It would be great if my old girls and their parents could put some on too…I would like to reminisce and see how their families have developed and what they are all doing…I really want to keep in touch with them all.

On the name front I am struggling a bit as I want it to be a celebration of all my pupils and girls so the name needs to reflect that In a way, although the common denominator of course will be me so I am struggling a little….The best I have come up with so far is JDK’s Posse. I really want all the parents to be involved too as I got to know many of them as well as I did their children and we had some celebrations and tricky times over the years. I have been through 5 Headmasters, 3 Senior Mistresses, 5 Directors of Music and an awful lot of tissues! A few pregnancy tests, a lot of wine in the old days and an awful lot of dinners!

We did count up roll calls which I think came to about 20,000 but concerts would be an interesting one and chapel services!! I will get Alex Hume on it! If you are one of these people please spread the word and look out for the page in the next few days…

Its looking like Mrs Kent’s 30 year Posse……


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