I just wanted to say a big thanks to those of you who have told me that you are enjoying reading these daily blogs! In the beginning it was to diarise my final term at Dean Close and if I had 60 girls here with me I would have masses of content! At least a couple of naughty girls a day and some fun along with it but as it is just Bern and I here the content is really whatever is going on at the time! Or in my head! I know that some of you read it first thing in the morning and some late at night but sometimes I don’t finish it until late!

I am really pleased that it has uplifted some of you…thanks Lou and Kelly!…we have all found ourselves having low days I am sure in the last 10 weeks and may well have some more…I try to be humorous as much as possible and was a little worried about the political one about DC but I was enthused that many of you agreed with me!….I am tempted to write about varicose veins and wobbly legs but who wants to hear about that!!! Or do you!!??

Today has been full on as we risk assessed the Pied Piper Charity Shop with a view to reopening in June. It is looking beautiful, so colourful and ready for lots of customers but we are naturally wary. Worried about an onslaught of donations as everyone has been clearing their houses out and as the donations have to sit for 72 hours before they can be touched it does cause a bottle neck issue. I know that some charity shops are not taking any donations when they first open because they will not have the space and we really hope that people will be understanding and patient.

Nothing is going to be the same for a while and the shop will have markings, bright footprints and a plastic screen, which is already up. At Cheltenham Open Door we are also planning the opening and serving of food once again to the guests there once the town opens in June. It is going to be the norm that people continue to distance 2 metres from each other, respect each other and are calm. The staff in both establishments will be naturally nervous as we reopen but excited too,  to see their customers at the Pied Piper Shop and guests at Cheltenham Open Door.

It will be the first steps to a New Normal!…whatever that is going to be!



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