Lumps and bumps

So I’m led here surrounded by a couple of hundred women and I have already been to the gym at 7am… yes on holiday… for what? To get rid of my lumps and bumps?!! And there are all ages here…16 year olds wanting to be cool 21 year olds….21 year olds wanting to be cool 31 year olds with a smart husband and one or two beautiful children!! 41 year olds not sure how they feel about being over 40 and wondering where their life will go after the kids leave, 51 year olds approaching or suffering the menopause ….. and they all have one thing in common!!… they all have cellulite!!!

Yes really… even the 16 year olds… very few women escape it so why don’t we just go with it?! …. men don’t care!.. I remember reading an article in cosmo years ago which said that men don’t care about cellulite or saggy boobs in the bedroom… they are just delighted that you are in the bedroom ready for some action with them at all!!… 

it’s all about being healthy… when I ditched the booze just over a year ago I thought… right I’m saving my liver … let’s do the whole body!!… bones… heart… skin… mind!… so it’s fair to say I live on salad, fruit, mainly lean meats if I have meat at all…loads of vegetables and fish….clean food!!! my downfall being flapjacks and ice cream!!! (You have to have a little guilty pleasure!) I’m in the gym to try and strengthen my core and bones and I’m not sure what else I can do……..

Whatever age you are…embrace it ladies… be wise, beautiful, confident & take & be thankful for each healthy day you are given….

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