This is Retirement Eve! Tomorrow my new life begins! At the moment it is really sort of sorted out. Before lockdown we lost our fundraiser at Pied Piper so now that things are opening up slowly…that is now me! Along with a bit of babysitting, unpacking boxes, meeting the Cheltenham Open Door Team to talk about the way forward for them and some socialising along the way!…. lets just say!…Busy!

I need to make sure I don’t eat out too much especially chocolate desserts! I haven’t even got my weights out of the garage yet! I need to find some space! But cake is my downfall…and coffee…and ice cream…and biscuits…and chip butties.. Oh dear!

The house is coming on but is slow! probably best I don’t say too much about that!….I think I am very patient!!! Mr K doesn’t agree I don’t think!

Does this look like us?? The beach looks like Chiclana!! That is about it! I don’t think I have ever seen Bern in a vest…of any description!

So off we go…looking forward to meeting the Music Works Team as we are about to give them £30k for the sensory music room in Kings Square. It is a really exciting project that will allow all the disabled children in the county access to make music…fantastic. Last time I went it was a building site so lets see…

So this is how tomorrow will pan out. I’ll be dropping off the cash to the hospital from the fabulous golf day and kilo sale plus set up my new keyboard. It will be fantastic to type letters etc with e’s and d’s that don’t stick!!…luxury!! It was quite time consuming to put them in afterwards!!! two meetings for Chelt Open Door will follow and then I might do a bit of sustainable shopping from our Pop Up Shop as its half price week!!…ooops…no …do I have space for it?!

OF COURSE!!! I am not proper retirement age…not that I care about age…as you know! Age is just a number. Style is ageless etc etc! But it is more common to get three careers in these days and I would like to squash another one in somewhere somehow! To do some gigs would be good but how is that going to happen in this Covid age except outside! Something that involves dressing up…I always like dressing up!!

Lets see how it goes…Day 1 is looming!

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