I am pretty sure Hucclecote wasn’t called a village 20 years ago but we are reliably informed that the people that live there now call it The Village and that is good enough for me! I haven’t lived in a village before!!!

Well, we have been here a week and apart from the Bins debacle we are getting on pretty well! If you didn’t read about the Bins…that all came as a bit of a shock to us as we had not put bins out before!…well for over 20 years and then you just put one bin out! Anyway after me taking a whole page of notes about what goes in what shape and coloured box or bin we proudly put them out following everyone else around us on Tuesday but…..we didn’t have a sticker on our green bin so we still have the grass cuttings and need to fill in the form and pay £44!!!! £44 to get that emptied every other week!

We have sampled the Chinese Kitchen…VERY GOOD! we were starving and were expecting to have to wait an hour for it but when I called she said 10 minutes!! and it was ready when I got there in 10 minutes…and….it was £15.80…I nearly asked if we only had one meal…I like this village and we might invite the whole family round for a takeaway from there…amazing value!

I have joined the Hucclecote Notice board on facebook and after reading all the rules, was a bit worried about being thrown off but wanted to know if there was a local milkman that we could have…and lots of people replied…I have contacted Cotteswold Dairy twice but no luck yet!! and one reply I am pretty sure broke the rules but got away with it!! and I’ve gained an Avon Lady…in the village…fab!

We tried Ruddys tonight which looked pretty swish and the piece of fish was very large….and a slick in/out numbered system to order and collect…

So next…..I will have to try the Launderette!! Our sink arrived in two halves which wasn’t much use and they can’t get another white one for two weeks but offered us a black one!!!!! to go with pale blue doors and white tops!!! only a man would offer me a black one!! sorry Men!! anyway we cant have the washing machine plumbed in until the sink arrives apparently so the launderette it will be! Do I sit in there or leave it…it will be exciting to find out!

So Village life is fun and we hope to get to know the locals eventually…at least I have a cousin and an aunt and uncle round the corner…

I can also recommend the Top Shop version of Magnums for 75p…bargain! I do like a bargain!

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