It is really getting on my nerves now…I want to hear about something else besides  Dominic Cummings….I am not politically controversial…I always vote but go with the flow  with whatever is decided…I voted to stay in the EU mainly because we have a house in Spain and would like to go there as easily as possible but the country voted against it and I didn’t lose sleep over it but I am fed up already, listening to people going on and on asking the same questions over and over about what he did or didn’t do. Do we want to listen to journalists talk constantly about his eyesight? I just don’t really care about his eyesight. I don’t really care that he did or didn’t break the rules…there are thousands of people breaking the rules every day.There are people furloughed and working, people meeting up with their friends and not socially distancing…it is happening.

You probably think that I should care and get angry like many people are. They are going on Twitter, being really offensive, using bad language to give their views and some people are being extremely threatening…I find this unbelievable. All that energy they are using being unpleasant, I wish they would direct all that energy into something positive. Given the choice I would rather sit around thinking about what we can do to raise more money for sick children or for the homeless and vulnerable or to help Goals beyond Grass. I need to spend my time doing something that will make a difference to someone positively not build myself up into a frenzy about something I cannot do anything about. Sorry if you think I am feeble but I certainly am not going to give Dominic Cummings another thought really and I would like to watch Breakfast TV in the morning talk about something else!

I am not holding my breath!!!


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