How many weeks have we been zooming? Had any of us heard of zoom before?..I hadn’t! And now we speak to our relatives on it, do quizzes on it, learn to make cocktails on it, do race nights on it, have discos on it…go online dating on it and for business it has been absolutely crucial!

In one of the meetings I was in today everyone was wishing and hoping that very soon we might be able to meet in person. In fact some people had met real people this week! The Glos Business show had 4 people on the stage 2 metres apart this week and it certainly gave everyone a spring in their step to be doing what they love….filming, working, talking through things …it felt normal except we didn’t hug anyone!…I am a hugger!! And you didn’t get near anyone!…that will be normal!!

I have actually been surprised how you can get to know people really well over zoom. I met some people 10 weeks ago on networking zoom sessions and have created a bond with them and know that I will be friendly with them afterwards. Its weird ..I wouldn’t have thought that before….there is chemistry over zoom! So those that are dating online on zoom…fair play! I know someone who drank beer with someone for 5 hours online as a date…impressive!

I must say I prefer it to Teams for more than 4 people as you can see everyone…well if you aren’t too many! It is easier to operate for booking a meeting and again this week we put students and businesses in break out rooms to chat to professionals and then brought them back and sent them off again. It was brilliant.

Quizzers and families have loved it and some of the older generation have really got used to it…amazing! Beware though, I have been part of a “Bonged’ episode when the host accidentally let someone in and pornography was spread all over the screen. It was very disturbing so you do have to watch who you let in and with the students we then locked the room.

Anyway, I think we will be continually networking on zoom as it saves travelling, saving petrol and the climate but every so often it is good to get together…and have a few hugs!!

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