Good to start with a lie in! But then the 30 minute energise (Bike & Biceps) in front of BBC Breakfast and I am ready to roll! I decided today I was going to dress up!…I feel so much better when I dress up…I think I sang better last Tuesday because I dressed up…so I went for it in my favourite jumpsuit…well one of my favourite jumpsuits! Hair done, fluffy shoes and I was ready for the day!

I had a couple of girlie chats and honestly there are people all over the place struggling with this lockdown. It is great for some families to have this time together but day in day out it can get too much. Thankfully it is sunny but next week its going to rain and people will really be stuck in. Tensions will build and patience will be out of the window followed by probably an announcement of an even longer lockdown! We are in trying times.

I have chosen some fab new songs for next weeks Saxy Pop Quiz…even a couple that are recent!! This decade!! Only joking…one from the last 6 months! So tune in at 7.30 on Tuesday on the Pied Piper Appeal facebook page. Lets raise more money…


As I thought the weather wouldn’t be good next week I thought I would sit in the sun for a while and it was so hot I fell asleep…dangerous! A red nose and two red cheeks, a red chest and lines on my legs later it’s fair to say I almost burnt!…well I am a little bit burnt …in one hour! Ridiculous! And feeling guiltily stupid!

Anyway on to an evening of Ged Roberts Singing live for Pied PIper except that I tuned into his page and watched his Wednesday gig by mistake! I had my phone turned down so that I could message but had my iPad on the page watching Wednesdays gig!! I did think …his shirt looks a different colour on the iPad!!!! Lets just not go there…anyway he has raised £300 on the night with gift aid and maybe more will come in…It was so good of him to do it. Pied Piper Post done..All social media checked!…Time for bed! Another good day! We are alive! Staying Positive! CV finished! Loopy as ever!


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