The day started with House assembly on TEAMS which went quite well…I asked the girls to all send me an emoji to say that they were there! Some very interesting emojis! I mean after my exercise session in front of BBc Breakfast!

But it was the big day to get over the £1000 for the third Saxy Pop Quiz for Pied Piper. Donations came in really well and we were very close before we started which was great. I decided that after wearing my black waxed jeans two weeks in a row I would wear a dress tonight and especially one that still had the tag on!! So I felt great which I think helped me to perform well. I was doing lots of songs that are not normally part of my set but it made me realise that lots of them should go into my set….note to brain ready for the new gigs!!

We didn’t peak at as many watching as last week but still raised the money…I think people dip in and out. But some are very competitive! Love it! Hopefully it is part of peoples weekly routine now…a few have said that to me…its their Tuesday night routine…I’ll keep going then! Ive asked for requests for next week…that could be dangerous! I have heard of two new people raising money for us as well this week which is fantastic on top of the couple that couldn’t get married so have asked their friends to donate what they would have spent at the bar at the wedding…what a good idea!

Glad to say gee is still busy making my strip lashes which is great news as I accidentally cut some on my left eye as I was trying to cut a false one that looked silly sticking up on its own!! I wont do that again!

Going to start to plan some business networking sessions for sixth form so if anyone reading this fancies a spot…let me know!

And tomorrow is Wednesday it would normally be Chapel and in the last week I did a virtual chapel service here on my own but did feel silly singing a hymn on my own…but If the girls want it Ill put it in!

Today has been a very good day!

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