As I am packing for the big move! I have come across a lot of diet books…I was always skinny until I was 18 really. Flat chested, so no one really wanted to go out with me except the ugly ones!! I was a late developer! But the boobs did come eventually.

Off I went to Leeds to study Music and there were only two girls on my course and an older lady…in fact I don’t think she finished the course but anyway. Julie and I, Yes we were both called Julie (read my theory on why we were both called Julie!) and she started to go out with a guitarist quite quickly and I became one of the lads. I would go out with them and do the Tetley pub run and started to drink 8 pints of lager a night…well that soon saw my jeans get tighter…and tighter! I think by the end of the first year I was on 8 pints of lager, 4 mars bars and 3 bacon butties and chips from the cafe round the corner from college a day. A great daily diet! Into year 2 and I was bursting out of size 16….I decided to become a vegetarian because all the vegetarians I knew were skinny…but it didnt work for me!…more chip butties and big doorstops of crusty bread with thick Red Leicester cheese toasted on it became my staple diet! I tried the Tofu packets of spaghetti bolognese but it did make me a little bit windy!!!

Year 3 and the studying became a little bit more serious! Finals approached and the stress caused me to go on a diet…calorie counting was my choice of diet and it is fair to say that by the time I took my finals I was bony! And didnt look good!

The books I found on my shelf were the Atkins diet, Dukon diet, calorie counting diet, 5 and 2 diet, vegetarian diet, low carb diet, high protein diet, clean and lean diet…phew…there was a lot of books…but at the end of the day I think I have found my happy weight…10 stone! If I go over I do a couple of days of no cakes! As since giving up the demon drink cakes have been my weakness…Chip butties are now for tired days, cheese is for sprinkling on top of my pasta Napoli, I don’t eat very much meat but if I do its chicken. I love fish and could easily eat a massive plate of vegetables with grated cheese on the top. I looooove pate on toast and love salad so my danger is definitely cake! Chocolate muffins, heated with ice cream! Ice cream sundaes at Kaspas, flapjacks, chocolate bombes at the Ivy and bars of chocolate in the fridge door nicely chilled! If it all gets out of hand I am afraid to say I will do a week of the cambridge diet to get me bikini ready for a holiday but do not over-obsess about it anymore.

As BTK says its all about moderation! Everything in moderation…but as we all know…I don’t do moderation…for me…All or Nothing!….

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