I was just thinking about what to write about today…I have been to a few virtual meetings today starting with our year 10’s. The trickiest teenagers there are. 14 and 15 year olds..tricky! I can only speak from my 24 years as a Housemistress, for four years in a day house and they went home every night and then 20 years in a boarding house and sometimes I wished they were going home!..joke! They are generally full of attitude, sulky, stroppy, don’t like to be told what to do, want to argue every point about everything and just want to be on their phones! They are no longer the youngest because we start in year 9 in our senior school and cant see as far as the sixth form because they still have to do fifth form to get there…..so wanting to be a “big girl” but the brain has not matured! There is a lot going on for them. Their bodies are changing rapidly and I actually remember it because I was completely flat chested until I was nearly 18. I had a friend that was too and she put tissue in her 30 AA bra. I just put up with being flat chested! they don’t really know what to do with these boobs that have sprung up…wear revealing tops so that everyone can see them or squash them into a confined T shirt that is a size too small in which case they might as well have revealed them!

Boys are big news to them. Especially the bad boys! They know they are bad but those guys are quite often charmers and dangerous! Usually completely different on a one to one than they are with their crowd with them….and what are 14/15 year old boys into?…well lets not even go there! Banter banter…say anything to get a laugh..the amount of tears we have had over “banter”. Of course they are sorry when it is pointed out to them but it takes a while to sink in that it can be so hurtful to girls…Dare you use the word bullying?…its just banter…to them. So the girls bodies are changing, they want to be delectable, attractive and perfect for their selfies..They must have hundreds of selfies of the same pose and the same pout or moody look…I am actually quite jealous because I have never perfected the perfect selfie pose.

Anyway, this is the year they will push and break the boundaries, try cigarettes, fill the water bottle with vodka to take to a party to be the devilish one. The dangerous thing if you have a daughter this age is her friends….does she have any that will step up and say no If it ALL gets out of hand…whatever that ALL is. They will be the ones that stand outside the supermarket and get someone who looks 18 to buy the booze for them..they will be brazen. They will say let’s drink it before the school disco or even during….I have had a few of those…it does sort of give it away if they are sick or are in bed very early and everyone is tidying and pretending nothing is happening around them….a big give away…

Oh to be 14/15…great times? Not really as not many know who they are yet, don’t know who they want to be, they just want to be liked, and part of something…..

In case you are worried because this is not what I was going to write about at all tonight…..they end up being lovely lovely young women, well most of them. Thankful and special each one as they move on to the next stage in their lives…..

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