It started well!! I got up early, about 6.45, did my 30 minute exercise, got in the shower thinking how clever I was that I had given myself lots of time to get ready without rushing and how in these three weeks it was nice to not rush. Did the hair, rollers and all! Picked what to wear, made another cup of tea, chopped my strawberries for my healthy yoghurt, granola breakfast, put my lenses in, did the face routine, sat down to have a leisurely breakfast, checked my calendar and realised I only had 10 minutes left to eat and log in and be online!!!…Panic and indigestion!!

Housemasters went well as there were about 14 of us, a few squealing microphones and took a few a while to unmute themselves but we were rolling. Then on to a meeting for about 80! But to be honest it all worked well… It is weird to not have girls arriving with suitcases and bags, hearing girls screaming down the corridor when they see each other and doing the 9.30 Roll call and notices thing and get them all into bed. Instead I have sent them a TEAMS message to remind them of assembly tomorrow and I am ready to call it a day.

have practised a few songs for the pop Quiz tomorrow night and added bits to my CV today! Honestly, I renovated my CV that I haven’t used for about 25 years and it is transformed! lets see if I am employable outside of Dean Close! I hope that I am not institutionalised! We will see!

Georgia is making me some strip lashes….woo woo. She just wants me to vlog myself trying to put them on. She said if I can put them on, anyone can!…Rude!! It will be funny though! Lovely Sunny Day…and interestingly Steven attended the Talk Business Motivational Monday Talk this morning…I asked him what he took from it…he said If someone asks you how you are always say “Thanks I am Brilliant”…say it for 30 days…I have ordered the book…How to be Brilliant…watch this space!

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