I have just been reading an article in which a French Social Psychologist,  Gueguen PhD points out that only 2% of women in the world are truly blonde!! Eeeek…but it is good for hairdressers as 40% of salon treatments are driven by women wanting to be blonde!

All my baby photos show me as a baby with soft blonde curls and yet my first proper hair cut in a salon at the age of 14 shows me as a brunette and I was dark all the way to mid to late thirties! Obviously as a wannabe pop star I tried to follow fashion and had hair that was red, pink, both! My idols of Toyah Wilcox, Blondie, Madonna pushed boundaries and I loved experimenting too, even going for flying colours on one occasion!!!….but then the grey came!!!

It is a big decision!! Do you keep dying it to your dark colour? go lighter? Or change completely?….I have done both…I decided lighter was the way forward…did it lighten my face?….because of course with the grey comes a few more lines and our skin probably fades a bit…deep joy!!!….but lighter and blonder it was….of course that is a pitfall of shades!! Not too bright…not too brassy!! Home kits can be dangerous as we plonk it on in our kitchens with a few glasses of strong bow and anything can happen that seem hilarious until you go out in bright daylight the following day and it is orange!! Or Bet Lynch Bright!! After a few years of blonde I once dyed the whole lot Brunette again because I thought it was more classy!!….BIG MISTAKE!! It really didnt suit my skin and I had to wear masses of make up to face the world…painful! And I told my ever patient hairdresser Mike never to let me do that again!!!…..

So here I am blonder than blonde with a few caramel lowlights and a hairdressing bill every 5 weeks to keep the sides and back and top from showing too much grey because I think grey means old!!! And that does not signify fun to me but I think I have fun whatever colour my hair is…I had fun throughout my brunette teens, twenties and most of my thirties and have had as much fun as a blonde in my forties and fifties and hope to continue a life full of fun whatever my hair colour is!…into my sixties and seventies…..

Make sure you all have fun….every day!



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