I think I have now heard it all!!….Wealthy and what we would perceive to be successful and confident women are hoarding lumps of trendy crystal/rocks in their cupboards and even in their underwear to give them peace, confidence, calmness, unconditional love! …and much more….Famous and what we would determine to be intelligent women such as Adele, Cressida Bonas and Kelly Hoppen are converts to the crystal craze hoping/believing that the rocks will give them energy, strength and clarity whilst others are hoping to benefit from more stability and balance….so I don’t want to just be totally negative because as BTK just reminded me we both wore copper bracelets at one time because someone told us that it would help us not to get rheumatism…someone must have convinced us of that so we bought them!…but to put a rock or two of tiger eye in your bra for a first date to give you confidence….I am sure you will understand my sense of disbelief and concern for the effect on their bank balances for a stack of rocks!!!…oh no….their bank balances are fine…OK I hope to hear more about it with positive results in the future and I will then urge my single friends to get some bigger bras to fit the rocks in for their next first or blind dates and hope that they don’t trip up the steps into the restaurant with the weight of them and not make the date at all!! 

What do you think single women of the West?….please reply to julie@jdkallday.co.uk and I’m happy to try some if anyone would like to lend me some!

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