I have just had a lovely hour chatting with a founder and volunteer of another charity. Admittedly, in another County but we were able to share our experiences, primarily because we have both lost children to cancer but also because we have met over the last few weeks virtually and respect each other for the work we are doing for sick children.

I have also tried to support other charities during these weeks of lockdown, paying to run 10k or was it 5k I cant remember because I had no intention of doing it! And trying to share posts from other charities to help them get as much coverage as possible. This is a very difficult time for us all in the fundraising sector and we need to support each other as much as possible. Obviously, working to support sick children is very close to my heart, as is the work at Cheltenham Open Door and Goals beyond Grass but who knows when in the future we will need the Hope for Tomorrow mobile cancer care units or the welcoming support that Maggies offers. Any member of our family might need the expertise of the LINC unit or an Air Ambulance in an accident. I have said many times that there is only one pot of money in Gloucestershire and we are all ‘competing’ for it but I would like to think that we can support each other along the way.

Today, with Rachel we discussed how our charities were run, the risks of opening a shop, the planning of future events and whether some can happen virtually rather than not at all. Gloucestershire is a close community that has come together in so many ways during the pandemic and I hope will continue to support each other as we move forward.

I would not have met Rachel from Molly Olly’s if I hadn’t joined a networking group that covers other counties and have enjoyed getting to know more people in the business and charity sector. Thanks Jono at Talk Business UK. In fact I am going to have a chat with Gwyneth who has her own business in branding etc later. Who knows what knowledge or nugget of inspiration might come from any of these ‘virtual chats’ but what I do know is that we are all looking forwards, trying to think outside the box and are happy to share and learn from each other.









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