Well, my first day of freedom and it didnt really, totally go to plan!

Collected my beautiful granddaughter but she is feeling a bit under the weather! Teething! Drop my daughter at work and realise I have forgotten to put earrings in!…catastrophe!!..haha

Pop into the Pied Piper Office at the hospital & set up my new keyboard and deliver an old collecting tin from the Emily Kent Charitable Trust…discover later the notes are out of date!! It is 25 years old!!

Go into Gloucester for a meeting and stop off for a coffee & flapjack in the Oxebode. Wasn’t expecting cherries in my flapjack!…don’t really like cherries!!

Get to the meeting but it had been cancelled at 8.30am but I hadn’t checked my emails!….not anyone’s fault!

Get parked and dash to regent street and then didn’t know if I was parked in the upper or lower Promenade so paid for parking on the app in both!! To get on zoom for two meetings at 1.30 I drop Mali off at Gees at 1.15 but she is running late with clients!…I cant get on the WiFi and start the ,meeting late as the host!…not great…end up doing it on my phone!

Drop Gee home and collect 12 bags of sorted summer donations for the charity shop but the bags are thin and many of the bags are falling apart with the clothes falling out!

Get them to the Charity Shop and into the crates In bags and loose! And get home and burn my toast!!

What a day! I hope tomorrow is calmer!

What a day!!

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