Now… I was never a foodie…As long as I had a lovely glass of white wine in my hand I didnt really ever care what I was eating but now of course I taste things!! And enjoy looking at a menu although I tend to stick to fish…vegetables…even the veggie option sometimes because it is more tasty but when you are on a cruise there is every food under the sun!!

Breakfast…because we are in Aqua Class we can have our breakfast in the Blu restaurant but I always have fruit, which I chop religiously! Organic muesli and natural yoghurt…and I like to make it myself! And have a big plate full…mainly because I have usually done an hour in the gym beforehand and think I deserve it!…so we have breakfast in the big ocean view restaurant…I can make my own muesli with seeds, oats, fruit fresh and dried and loooove it. Bern has scrambled egg, smoked salmon and tomatoes…

Lunch….The salad bar on a ship is massive….from plain chopped cucumber, tomatoes etc to different concoctions of bean salads, coleslaw, rice salads and much more…with a choice of dressings…I love the variety…if you fancy it there is a carvery every day, spicy dishes, pizzas, rolls, just EVERYTHING!!!! BTK has meat, meat and a bit of meat!!!


Dinner…Every restaurant offers three courses and in the Blu restaurant where the service is first class and smaller which means that you can go when you want to and you don’t have to sit and despite people’s comments about cruises you don’t have to eat with other people!!…not in any restaurant if you don’t want to!….I am actually quite unsociable on holiday!!…honestly!!…


So far this cruise to start I have had scallops, tuna tartare, quails eggs, asparagus soup and Goats cheese….all delicious! For a main course I have had Steak, Atlantic Salmon, Veal and Rack of Lamb….all delicious! …and for desert the old favourites are there such as apple crumble and ice cream as well as various chocolate encounters with milk and white chocolate, creme brûlée and cheese!…with a liquor if you wish….

Of course in between all of that you can have coffee and cakes in the cafe, ice cream which is my downfall, healthy options in the indoor pool cafe and everything that is on offer in their Oceanview..between 6 a.m. and 1.a.m……..Willpower needs to be strong!!….I will tell you what they don’t have….salt and vinegar crisps!!!!…anywhere on the ship!!!… Ive struggled on through though!!!!

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