I can remember years ago saying “I would never want to go away at Christmas time”! Too much to take…all the presents… etc…but having gone away last year because it was the first year without `Mum and Dad I sort of got the taste for it….Let’s think of the positives…..Don’t have to buy a turkey, trimmings, crackers, more food for the evening, remember to put  the turkey on, peel all the potatoes & veg, cook all the food, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher, make sure everyone is happy…and it goes on!!!

So the alternative is……arrive at the Hotel…Malmaison of course…I do take this Ambassador role very seriously you know!!!… hang your clothes in the wardrobe, open the card and present the hotel have left for you, then go down for the delicious dinner… it’s Christmas Eve and I was booked to play and sing in the restaurant for those arriving for their Christmas package of two nights and three days of being pampered! Lovely people who just want to have a good time and celebrate Christmas with relatives, some travelling from different parts of the country to be together and they were great to entertain…I even got them singing “So Here it is Merry Christmas at the end!!

A great nights sleep in an enormous bed, but then we were in the Penthouse! yep…It is enormous with a massive bathroom and a wonderful big bath…heaven!! Big TV, terrace which would be great in the summer!! And Georgia said it was bigger than her flat!!

So Christmas Day and a small breakfast before our children arrive…well 18 years and 22 years but our children all the same!..Drinks and present giving followed by a wonderful Christmas Lunch, Fantastic Food, Brilliant magician, Wonderful service and we had our excess turkey wrapped up to take home…you can’t beat cold turkey and chips at Christmas can you?!..a lovely stroll along the Prom and through Montpellier was great to walk the dinner off and blow the cobwebs out!..what a beautiful town we live in even when it is quite desolate and quiet…peaceful and regent.

Boxing Day begins with more food!…served by waiters and waitresses that have worked for hours and days and are still smiling, polite, smart and doing everything to make sure our stay at the hotel is excellent…The plus of staying down the road is that friends can pop in before lunch and the final meal! Great to see Camilla performing in the bar too to keep the residents entertained until the last minute that they are there and its time to leave…we returned home and checked in on the cat!…another Christmas done but I’m definitely doing the same next year!

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