I know that some people think that I am mad to go to the gym at 6 am but there isn’t really any other time when we are in full flow in term time!…..and its good for me!!

Giving up alcohol was my first step in looking after myself…trying to look after my body! And once I had managed that for 6 months I read about Vanessa Redgrave lifting weights at 74! And thought that would be a good thing to try!…one of my old tutees  owns a gym so I contacted him and said can I start!!…the next day I turned up at Gym 66 on Bramery Business Park, Alstone Lane to a big warehouse with lots of racks and walls with graffiti and it was freezing Lol! It was December and 7 am to be fair! And a Guy called Nick took me through my first session with another guy…..I couldn’t even lift any weights I just moved a bar up and down and definitely couldn’t do wall balls because my lower back was so weak!…

Lots of articles have been written about women and men losing muscle mass as we age and how important it is to use weights to strengthen your body as you enter your fifties. Strength training can improve your balance, reduce your chances of falling in later life…blimey that does make me think of old ladies!! But can also help to prevent osteoporosis, arthritis and a host of others see https://www.verywellfit.com/must-do-strength-training-women-over-50-3498202

Anyway lets fast forward to todays session almost a year on..I arrived at 6 a.m. and Jack was there and Frankie aka Love Island Celeb, the trainer for the day and no one else!! Bless them they probably wished I wasn’t there too!..but it made me realise how far I have come…35k on back squats, 25k on RDLs…and pull ups which really I should have tried without two bands!!

A year of coming at least 3 times a week at 6am with a group of people aged from 21 to me at 57!! (I am definitely the oldest)…..and all ages in between, from all walks of life sweating out EMOMS & AMRAPS..its a whole new world! I am proud that I don’t have bingo wings and I even have a V shape!! Haha and I am proud of it!!… Every exercise can be suited to your level…I always do push ups on a raised bar and cannot jump onto a big box without missing it completely!! So have a smaller one…To start with I did squats with the wall ball until my back was strong enough to do them properly (actually…I still struggle to bend right down but there is progress!!) ….It is not a place where you have to have the latest Lycra outfit on…its wear what you want and train hard or at your level…Some people are in at 6 doing their own programme, some are having a one to one and we plough on with Jack, George, Chloe or Frankie in a bid to be fit and healthy….  you feel totally comfortable….Got to give the crew a mention Aaron, Imogen, Sarah, Scott, Nadya, Iain, Rob, JC, Mark, Kevin the newest member and Ollie….Crazy bunch!!

I totally recommend it…give a class a try and it doesn’t have to be at 6 am! It could be 7 am!! Or 5 and 6pm!!….


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