In the picture above I am with my friend Peggy who is 105! 

Act Your Age!!

What is that??? When you are 8 are you supposed to play with dolls??

When you are 18 are you supposed to get drunk all the time???

When you are 28 are you supposed to be married???

When you are 38 are supposed to be divorced??? Or have 2/3 children

When you are 48 are you supposed to be at the beginning, middle or end of the menopause??

And when you are 58…are you supposed to be thinking of retirement??

How do you know how to act your age if you have never been there before?!

I have even heard myself say it to girls in the House when they are being silly!! And I remember my Mum saying it to me if I was going to do something crazy!! Or wear a short skirt!! But we are now in 2019 and can’t we do what we want?!

Recently I spoke to a group of Business Women at a Breakfast about my last 30 years at Dean Close…I broke it up into decades and it really gave me food for thought…1990 I started at Dean Close…aged 28…am I doing things differently from now?…about to be 58??!! I don’t think so!! Is that a good or bad thing?!!

I still love wearing leopard/animal print!

I still wear skirts and dresses well above my knee although the skin is sagging!! Better with tights!!

I still like to do crazy things like jump up and down if I am excited and scream very loudly!!

I still try things on in the middle of a shop if the dressing room is busy! In the middle of a packed exhibition hall at the clothes show for many years!!…Alison will vouch for that one!! How many times do we hear now …Age is just a number?…I remember sitting in the smoking shack with my friend Mandy at Hotel du Vin and a Guy joined us with his female friend, considerably younger….I cant remember what we were talking about…we were a few cocktails in and his reply to whatever we asked him was …Age is just a number with a wry smile…dirty old B****r!!!

So who guides us on how to act our age? Especially if our parents are no longer with us…our sensible friends I suppose but I don’t have many of those!…I hope they are my friends because I do do crazy things, take my clothes off in the middle of stores and am in no particular hurry to act 58!…That would have sounded old a couple of decades ago…nearly 60!!! It really doesn’t fill me with any negative feelings…I am excited as I complete my last and thirtieth year at DeanClose that I am going to start my third career…how exciting is that…well not very if it doesn’t happen! But if I don’t find a day job I can still sing for my supper with a few tunes on the sax too!!

So….please don’t act your age whatever that looks like!….Please live everyday to the max, be crazy, throw caution to the wind sometimes…I can hear BTK tutting…if we all lived like that Julie where would we be!…no provision for a long life!…I do believe everything will be what it will be and we will live with it!…I don’t eat much anyway!!! …..joking!

I’m looking forward to being 58 in a couple of weeks time…Happy Birthday to me!!!

Below is a picture of me and my friend Peggy…she is 105, loves music, chatting and a sherry at 11am daily!! Does anyone know how to act 105??!!

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