I started where I left off! Hair full of rollers and feeling down but after a chat with my protege Kate Milne I was bucked up and ready to roll! With rollers!!

Loads to do checking my emojis…it should be easy shouldn’t it to just send me an emoji at 8.30 but not for half of my lovelies!! I have now set up new groups to try and track them down easier! I will get those emojis!

Two lovely meetings with my year 9’s who are a delight and my Upper sixth who are even more lovely! They are the last year group that I will have taken all the way through for five years. They have known from the time they came in fourth form that they would be my last year group. I call them The Last Rolos!…One of them lives in Italy and is not allowed out at all. Not for daily exercise or a walk. Only one person can go out once a week to the supermarket and the lockdown doesn’t look like stopping soon. So I did think that actually  we are quite lucky.

This weekend will be weird as weekends are the best times in a boarding house. After lessons finish on a Saturday lunchtime the girls have games, I wander round the fields watching them play hockey or netball or in summer tennis. Go in for an amazing tea of sandwiches and cakes!…its all about food at boarding school! We do something together on Saturday night such as a film night, pamper nights and/or a big Dominos pizza delivery and lots of popcorn! Sundays we get a lie in and have Brunch at 11. It is better than a Hotel Breakfast! Cooked breakfast, cereals, smoothies, doughnuts and fruit…literally everything! The girls love it! And at 3 p.m. I take anyone that wants to go to the Green Coffee Machine near the Railway station for a smoothie or frappe…it is our routine! I really hope I get some girls back before I finish so that at least I have some with me for the last few weeks.

I started to plan the songs for next weeks Say Pop Quiz! And thought I might learn the one from Children in Need ,written by Dave Kroll and a few other new ones…well new to me!…we could get to £1400 next week. Then Helen from the hospital sent me a film that the staff had made at the Children’s Centre to thank Pied Piper for all they/we have done to supply them with whatever they have needed to make things as easy as possible on the children’s ward. It is lovely and made me cry but in a good way! Those nurses are incredible…

So all in all a much better day! Bern bought me packets of sweets and two amazing Chocolate muffins…I’ve just had one warmed up with ice cream!! DELISH!!

We are going to have a proper weekend like most people do! A Saturday & Sunday! I suppose I had better get used to it! Just 9 more weeks of school left…..

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