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Act Your Age!!!

 In the picture above I am with my friend Peggy who is 105!  Act Your Age!! What is that??? When you are 8 are you supposed to play with dolls?? When you are 18 are you supposed to get drunk all the time??? When you are 28 are you supposed to be married??? When you...

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We are on week 15 already!

So following my first blog about discovering that I am going to Be a Granny...NOOOO I am not a fan of that title!!!...of course I am getting my head around it!...Big Thank you to everyone that read it and sent me lovely messages...saying it will be the most marvellous...

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All the sixes…Gym 66

I know that some people think that I am mad to go to the gym at 6 am but there isn’t really any other time when we are in full flow in term time!.....and its good for me!! Giving up alcohol was my first step in looking after myself...trying to look after my body! And...

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Mummy…Can I please come home

Mummy please can I come home?.... Here we are …the first week back at school and my 18th year as a Boarding Housemistress…When I tell people that I live with and look after 60 teenage girls from the age of 13 to 18 they shudder or look at me in horror!! But I actually...

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