Daily Additions

Bra Shopping!

I always put it off!!...it is such a pain..trying to find the right bra, colour, fit....you get all hot and frustrated and cant wander out and look yourself without shocking everyone else around...especially in M&S!! But I bit the bullet whilst in Witney on...

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Sold on Starbucks!

Well.....I probably haven’t been in a Starbucks for years...I am a Green Coffee and Costa Fan!! ...because they are nearby I suppose but Starbucks in Cheltenham always looks jam packed and noisy...but now that I am a big coffee drinker and cake eater I decided to give...

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Do the Can Can

Hope everyone is having a great weekend...bit of sun, bit of rain but lots of fun with friends and family hopefully!!...I just did a quick check in with the Wonderful Sara Reader who works at Cheltenham Open door to find out if she is feeding her friends this...

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