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Fashion Tip Friday 17.8.18

I was just thinking as I was flicking through Elle magazine which I don’t normally buy because it is £4.40 but on holiday I buy a big batch of mags & to hell with the cost!... and I feel better because this is a 20th year eco friendly edition using waste paper...

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Throwback Thursday to 2011

Nearly 7 years ago!... what a weekend it was!.. all ages... 10 Women on a trip to celebrate my 50th year., a break from my marathon training after the Cardiff Half... I remember finishing it thinking “I will have to run all of that again!!!” So off we went.... Two...

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Lumps and Bumps….

Lumps and bumps So I’m led here surrounded by a couple of hundred women and I have already been to the gym at 7am... yes on holiday... for what? To get rid of my lumps and bumps?!! And there are all ages here...16 year olds wanting to be cool 21 year olds....21 year...

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Who needs a holiday?!

I must explain about the featured image photo!!! There were guards outside the Rosenborg Castle where the Crown Jewels are kept...they sort of march up and down and I thought it would be good to get a selfie with one so rushed towards him in my normal bustley way and...

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We have an empty nest!

Well...I have always said that they wont be coming with us when we do eventually move into the park but maybe it has all come a bit sooner than I thought!!...the nest is empty! Those of you that know me will appreciate me saying...I am glad that we have made them...

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