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Julie Kent

I was born and grew up in Gloucester until I went to Leeds College of Music in 1979. I became a professional musician playing the flute, sax and singing in different bands all over the world…

In my thirties I decided teaching was the way forward if I wanted to have children and taught at various local schools ending up full time at Dean Close where I have just retired after being a Boarding Housemistress to 60 teenage girls for the last twenty years. Never a dull moment!

After losing my first daughter my husband and I formed a charity in her name called the Emily Kent Charitable Trust. We gave Pied Piper and The Bristol Children’s Hospital £50,000 to have the Oncology Wards named after her. The Emily Kent Unit is still at the Children’s Centre at Glos Royal Hospital but the name has been changed in Bristol.

I like to do as much as possible for Charity and most of it can be viewed on my Vlogging pages or social media. Check out my Charities page to read about my top 3 local charities.

So now I have retired from Dean Close after 30 years and I feel excited about what is going to happen next!  I would like to play and sing more but its a bit tricky in these covid times. I am enjoying being in the Pied Piper office helping to make a difference to the team of two there! and hope that once we are through all of this we can get our exciting events back out there!

I have become the Chairman of Cheltenham Open Door, which has been led brilliantly by Maggie Tucker over the last couple of years and is now ready to move on to the next step to ensure that we can give the best service to the vulnerable who struggle with poverty, hardship and social or emotional distress.

I also try to help the team at Goals beyond Grass and am the Junior Warden at the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire.  

Its all very exciting! I have lots to do and want to make a difference to many people in all walks of life. I also love fashion ans shopping but have become more aware of saving the planet and try to buy from Charity Shops these days as much as possible. I have to draw the line at jeans though! I like to have new jeans!!…sorry 

Follow the blogs too!! I have an opinion on most things! and feel free to respond even if you dont agree!

As 2018 comes to a close I thought I should outline what this website is about…

GIVING!!…It has been quite a year for me following winning the Gloucester Ambassador Award in November 2017 this year led to me being named as one of the 50 Greatest Women in Gloucestershire which has been documented by a plaque at Cheltenham race Course with all 50 names on. An enormous Honour. This led to me being named as one of the Top 100 Women in the West which blew me away when I read the email to inform me of this honour!…not just to be recognised in Gloucestershire but in Bath and Bristol as well….phew…This then led to a big Awards Evening in Bristol where 6 awards were given out and I was the awarded the Most Outstanding Woman in the Charitable Sector in the West!

It was all a little surreal at the time, an amazing, emotional evening where I was able to mention Dean Close where I have given to hundreds of pupils over the last 28 years, to talk about Emily and the Trust which was about our first daughter who died and the charity we set up to give back to other children in Gloucestershire with Cancer and The Pied PIper Appeal which I am presently the Vice Chairman. I aim to give as much as possible to raise money for sick and disabled children in the County along with the amazing team that forms Pied Piper.

So this website is all about encouraging everyone to get involved, volunteer, give back as all areas of life need more people to give…It is rewarding and gives me a drive and sense of purpose. Losing a child is the most dreadful thing to deal with and I had to find a positive to come from such a negative….Even if you don’t have something as dramatic happen to you….give anyway….

If you want any help or advice about how to get started or where to help please contact me on julie@jdkallday.co.uk


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New additions to Gloucester!

New additions to Gloucester!

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We are relaunching the Julie Kent Foundation Award

We are relaunching the Julie Kent Foundation Award

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Chaotic Day!

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Julie was a member of the Gloucester Athletic Club and competed in the Hurdles as a teenager.

Julie played with Top Catz at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai on New Years Eve 2010.

Julie was a Flying Officer in the RAF in the Dean Close CCF department.

Julie is the oldest of three daughters and went to Linden Rd Infants and Calton Road Junior School before going to Denmark Rd High School for Girls.

Julie played in Cirencester before a Showaddy waddy Gig.

Personal Highlights

  • Winner of the Most Outstanding Woman in the Charitable Sector in the West 2018
  • Being Named in the Top 50 Greatest Women in Gloucestershire
  • Being Named in the Top 100 Women in the West of England
  • Visiting the two Wards at Glos Royal Hospital and Bristol Children’s Hospital named after Emily
  • Winning the Gloucester Ambassador Award in 2017

Musical Highlights

  • Playing at Nice Jazz Festival
  • Playing at the Berj al arab on New Years Eve in Dubai
  • Supporting the NYJO at a Concert in Gloucester with Sax Relief

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