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Awarded Most Outstanding Woman in the Charitable Sector in the West 2018

Gloucester Ambassador of the Year 2017

Vice Chairman of the Pied Piper Appeal

Chairman of the Promotional Board at Pied Piper Appeal

Junior Warden of the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire

Housemistress at Dean Close School

Director of All Golds Rugby League Team

Singer/Sax Player

Named in the 'Top 100 Women in The West 2018'

Named in the 'Top 50 Greatest Women in Gloucestershire 2018'

Chairman of Cheltenham Open Door

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Precious Dads

I really hope that whoever is reading this has had a fantastic relationship with their Dad because I feel really thankful for my Dad and my relationship with him. Early memories are that he worked really hard and was a big man who looked after us. In comparison my Mum...

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Mrs Kent’s 30 year Posse

This Saturday should have been the Big reunion of all the girls I have Housemistressed, Pupils I have taught the sax, flute or clarinet to and the pupils I have been involved with as a Tutor, in The Francis Bacon Society, in fund raising or involved with the sixth...

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Who inspires you?

This term I have been talking about an inspirational person each week in my House Assembly. Now.... it is on at 8,30am on a Tuesday morning so my girls are probably not always on it! They are probably thinking about the prep they haven’t done or they should have got...

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Will you marry me?

I have some friends that are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today...40 years...that is a long time and then I thought...we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year in a few weeks in fact...we have done well!! Especially as the figures for the...

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I miss the hugging!

How many weeks have we been zooming? Had any of us heard of zoom before?..I hadn’t! And now we speak to our relatives on it, do quizzes on it, learn to make cocktails on it, do race nights on it, have discos on it...go online dating on it and for business it has been...

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Long Week

It is only Wednesday but it feels like a long week! I have started writing my final reports ever and got as far as my first Rolo before shedding a few tears! It is weird to think I wont have to write any reports ever again! I remember when we wrote them all on paper....

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